Our Mission

We love science fiction, and we want to show our appreciation of this awesome genre by bringing you some great stories that take place all over the universe.

Writers of the cosmos: We know that a lot of you are just trying to get your work out into the market for a little literary street cred. Hey, we are too. We also know that there is a lot of undiscovered talent out there. So send us your work—we’d love to see it. If it’s rough around the edges but the story is solid, we’d be happy to help you fix it up for publication. And don’t worry pros, we’d be delighted to publish you as well.

Our main intent is to publish all sorts of wild tales with the goal of bringing you at least four brand-spankin’-new pieces of science fiction each month. A majority of our issues will be a tasty mixture of retro and contemporary stories, just because we love them both.

Overall we are here to help writers and entertain readers with the coolest genre since mankind first looked up at the glittering expanse of the night sky and thought: What the heck is up there?