Adam Crouse

Growing up in the Midwest, Adam always had a strong desire to travel to far away places to see everything, both ancient and new. During a semester in college spent studying abroad in Norway, he began to fall in love with science fiction. Adam fell even more in love with the genre after graduating from college during a short year in Sweden. It was during that time that he was introduced to H. P. Lovecraft and many other writers of now-classic science fiction. After returning back to the United States, he felt like he had too much time on his hands, so he thought it would be fun to help others express their love of science fiction and maybe even initiate a few “newbs” into the genre’s ranks.

Kellye Parrish – Editor

Kellye grew up in Rocket City, USA, the cradle of the American space flight program and the home of Marshall Space Flight Center, which acts as Ground Control for the International Space Station and all U.S. shuttles in flight today. She’s a twenty-seven year old fiction writer, a professional editor, and a freelance magazine writer. Kellye is also a news junkie with a love of horror movies, civil rights, aliens, zombies, spaceships, astro-colonization, and international conflict theory. She runs a small editorial business catering to fiction writers called Ronin Revisional Services. Kellye is always working on short stories, but she’s also at work on her first book, a dystopian novel about post-WWIII California called We are the Weapon.

Chris Lemon – Editor

When Chris isn’t exploring faraway lands in science fiction novels, he’s exploring them here on Earth. With a penchant for travel and a degree in Archaeology, Chris has made it his goal to visit as many ancient places as possible. Sometimes, he even gets to work on them. In his free time, Chris, hailing from just outside of Toronto (Interstellar Fiction’s very own token Canadian), can be found enjoying a good vinyl album or performing at a local karaoke bar.

Mick Theebs – Editor

Mick Theebs: Man Among Men. Force of Nature. Whiskey-Soaked Wordsmith. Mick Theebs has been writing as long as he could get his stubby little fingers around his pen. In addition to writing, reading, and editing, Mick Theebs enjoys painting, cooking, recreational drinking, and other activities in their many different shades of gray. He can currently be found skulking the streets of Boston. In addition to working for Interstellar Fiction, Mick also keeps a blog of his own: Scribbling on the Madhouse Walls. Keep the fan mail to a minimum, ladies.

Brenda Cobbs – First Reader

Brenda Cobbs can’t remember a time when science and fiction weren’t a part of her consciousness, either together or separate.  Raised on NASA and Anne McCaffrey with generous helpings of history, she still tends to read everything and anything in front of her if she’s not watching hockey.

Rachael Hobbs – First Reader

Growing up in the Southeast, Rachael was an avid reader from a young age. During her formative college years, she transitioned from general fiction to comic book nerdery to science fiction. She is especially fond of dystopian futures and space operas. While not reading, she enjoys good movies, bad movies, brewing beer, drinking beer and fiddling with technology.

Sara Puls – First Reader

Sara Kathryn Puls is a Wisconsinite who absolutely hates the cold. Accordingly, she now lives in South Texas, along with her boyfriend, cat, and tortoise. Oh, and four lovely fruit trees, too (take that, snow!). In addition to being a slush reader for Interstellar Fiction, she’s a migrant farmworker attorney for a non-profit law firm. She  enjoys cooking and is currently working on mastering all kinds of bread. But, as you might expect of a slush reader, she loves to read and write most of all. Sara’s short stories have appeared in Downer Magazine, Fifty Word Stories, and Thickjam. She has a few sci-fi and fantasy pieces forthcoming in the near future. As for science fiction, her favorite stories to read are near-future dystopian ones. Bonus if they shed light on our current society or have a little glimmer of hope at the end.

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