Artwork from Issue Eight (March 2013)


Robocop by Emil Goska © 2012

Robocop by Emil Goska © 2012

Emil Goska is a professional artist from Poland working in various fields such as video games concept art, Sci Fi and Fantasy illustration, character design, 2D and 3D animation and many more. He is 2012 Academy Of Fine Arts M.A. degree graduate specializing in Illustration and Multimedia Graphic Design.

Since an early age he has been interested in drawing and painting, perfecting his traditional art skills in the Academy Of Fine Arts – Graphics and Painting Department in Lodz, Poland. Also during his studies he started to create digitally using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D and Zbrush.

Currently Emil is working as a 2D Graphic Designer creating concept arts, illustrations, game interfaces etc. for the 2014 upcoming Sci Fi classic 4X space strategy turn game entitled M.O.R.E. (Military, Organization, Research, Economy) –


To see more Emil’ s works go to:

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