Artwork from Issue Seven (February 2013)





Schooner by Jeremiah Humphries © 2012

Schooner by Jeremiah Humphries © 2012

Artist Biography:

Jeremiah Humphries is a digital artist whose love of story and environment drives him to express compelling worlds and characters through the combination of modern and ancient illustration techniques. With a keen eye for light and a ever growing appreciation for color, Jeremiah loves nothing better than a pot of strong coffee, a playlist of trance music, a battered graphics tablet, and a new painting project. Jeremiah graduated from Northwestern College with a Digital Media Arts degree. Having been a freelance concept artist and illustrator for several years, Jeremiah has had a hand in designing many worlds, from environments for adventure games to illustrated assets for industry titans such as Zynga. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, but plans to move to the Moon as soon as flats become available.

You can find more art by Jeremiah at and

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