Submission Headquarters

The first stop for all of your submission needs.

Do you have a story/article/work of art that contains:

  • FTL Flight? No problem. We want stories of interplanetary, intergalactic, and even interstellar intrigue.
  • Ray Guns? Do they go “pew-pew” and can they be set to stun? That’s fine with us (but really, please no “pew-pew”).
  • Little Green Men? How else are we to depict Martians?
  • Green-Skinned Space Babes? Doesn’t every great space story contain at least one beautiful alien?
  • A Doomsday Device? What else does the main character ever save the world from?
  • Futuristic Power Armor? It’s usually used to fight against giant bugs.
  • Rampaging Robots? They just don’t make them like they used to.
  • Armies of Clones? The more the merrier. Let us have them.
  • Something Different? We love all the old clichés, but we also love finding new ones.


We want everything on the above list, and more.  HOWEVER, we do not want any one of those items to be the SOLE element of your story. Use of the above items to drive a plot along is permitted, but not a single one of them should be your story. We love the old tropes and clichés, but we’re more interested in your characters and the conflicts they must try to overcome. The more developed your characters and conflicts, the more interesting your story.

If you are still interested in publishing your story with us, please check out the fiction guidelines before rushing off to submit just to make sure your story is correctly formatted and ready for our slush readers.


If you have an article that focuses on anything from the above list, we would love to see about getting it published.

We would also love to receive articles that discuss science and its implications on culture. The reverse of this is true as well. A well-written, well thought out article on culture and its implications on science could be quite interesting. However, as we are a science fiction magazine, we do ask that you keep more focus on the science.

If you are still interested in publishing your article with us, please check out the nonfiction guidelines before rushing off to submit just to make sure your story is correctly formatted and ready for our slush readers.

Submit Your Writing

If you have a final revision of a story/article and have checked out that it clears the guidelines, you are set to submit your writing. Just use our nifty little submission form and we will try to get back in contact with you as soon as we can.

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